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Conquest—Animated Promo for Church

Role: Producer/director/animator/videographer Created this promo to launch a church-wide outreach effort. The flaming letters were from an AE template. Other content is original.

Spa 4 the Pink Promo

Animated promo created in Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D Role: Creative Director/Animator Purpose: to solicit donations for organization that offers free spa services and products to cancer survivors.

Animated TV Show Opener

Created for Jeanne Dole: Design Detective, a Denver-area Fox 31 DIY Interior Remodel program.

Animated Video Promo for Conference

The opening of this video utilizes a template as springboard due to budget and time constraints. It quickly progresses to original, highly impactful visuals and live video testimonies. Role: producer, director, shooter, animator.

Animated Logo

Animated logo created in Cinema 4D

Animated Promo for Iphone App

Role: animator Combines 2D characters in 3D scenes. Most of the animation is done by use of the camera moving through the scenes. Client: Splainers Inc.

Multimedia Web Video for Property Management Company

Role: Producer/director/motion graphics

Animated Video Promo for Tradeshow

Role: Concept, animator, videography. Promo utilized a purchased template for opening scene, followed by original 3D design and animation created Cinema 4D. Video shot on green screen.

Multimedia Video Presentation for Non-Profit

60-Second web video for DU and Denver's Road Home.

Multimedia Video Presentation

Role: Producer, director, videographer, motion graphics. Photography by Drew Michael Photography. Spoof on "Tombstone"

Animated Product Demo

Role: Producer, director, motion graphics, video editor. Created in Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects.

Animated Presentation for ComicFest 2010

I created this animated video for Denver ComicFest 2010. It was used for both a point of entry display and as a promotional video for the event. Created primarily in Cinema 4D and Apple Motion.

Kinetic Text—Acts 2:38

Created in Adobe After Effects, this promo was screened on Pentecost Sunday 2012. It describes the first outpouring of the Holy Spirit as described in Acts 2:38 of the Bible.

Attack TV Commercial

Role: producer, director, motion graphics, videography, greenscreening. Mission was to produce an exciting 30-second promo for Christian card game, demonstrating that game appeals to wide range of ages, is fun, exciting way to lean the Bible. Call to action: online purchase. Challenges: produce outstanding videography and graphics on limited budget with volunteer actors. Voice: Rick McConnell with Monumental Studios Music: DJ Mattern with Live Loud Creations

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